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Food Security, Priority In CIVS Community Development Projects

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Written by Sophie Atieno

Having touched on community development before, we would like to talk about food security that is a very important part of the activities and projects CIVS touch on.

What is food security?

Food security refers to the ability of people to access and be able to afford reliable and nutritious food in sufficient quantity.

The four pillars, identified by Food and Agriculture Organization, of food security are in fact:

  • Availability
  • Access
  • Utilization
  • Stability

Agriculture in Kenya

The CIVS Organization has in the list of community development projects, food security.

This is as a result of the fact that for a very long time, there has been underproduction of food for the ever growing Kenyan population.

That, added to the little available arable land, to cater for sufficient food production has resulted in a situation whereby 2-4 million people every year survive on relief food.

Other causes of inadequate food include the fact that many farmers work without the most basic agricultural inputs and they also happen to face a problem of insufficient funding or extension services.

So, as we have already mentioned, food security is important to us but seeing that it is on the CIVS list of community development projects , how do we respond to it as a challenge?

We implement agricultural and environmental projects with communities that are vulnerable in the rural areas, especially in the western side of Kenya.

As CIVS aims to develop community development projects that strengthens the capacity of rural homes, this is no exception. Participating in our community development projects will enable you to be part of a group concerned with strengthening labourers, the landless and also those who have been affected by HIV/AIDS.

We promote farmer field schools in order to improve land and management of water in the western regionof Kenya.

So, as the year comes to a close and you start thinking of helpful activities to engage in, how about yolu consider participating in community development projects involving food security and help people have the much needed access to the basic need that is food.