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Community Development Self Help Group

community development self help group

Orientation date: 15 July 2017, 10:00am
Start and End dates: 16 July - 04 Aug 2017
Safari dates: 12 - 14 July 2017
Theme:Supporting the physically challenged children
No. of Volunteers: 10 - 20

Project Profile

The German foundation for world population trained some community health members, VCT Counselors, mobilizing forces in the community, home-based caregivers and educators among others on HIV/AIDS prevention through a community-based organization. During the project period, while the trained members were visiting the community, they realized that there was a big health problem in the community. Apart from HIV/AIDS as the main problem, there were more health issues such as an increased number of orphans/vulnerable children and jiggers menace because of parents’ death from HIV/AIDS. Most orphans whose parents had died from HIV/AIDS were infected by jiggers, this was a result of poor guardian care. In general, these children lacked basic needs such as health care, shelter, education and clothing among others.

Having realized that there were all of these problems within the community, a few trained local volunteers from Butula decided 2014 to establish a group, which could address the above mentioned health issues. The group was then referred to as Community Development Self-Help Group (CDG), operating within Butula Sub County with its main office at Shibale Market within Marachi central Ward, focusing on Health and community development.


Busia County

Workcamp activities

  • Making bricks
  • Repairing houses of elderly people
  • Establishing of tree nursery

Accomodation and Sites of Interest

Accommodation will be at the project in this workcamp and it is important that you have your own sleeping bag and mat. During the workcamp, volunteers will get food from locally available foodstuffs and the volunteers will share the responsibility of preparing the food.

If you need more information or have questions, please contact us.

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