CIVS Kenya
CIVS Kenya
CIVS Kenya
January 2018
cranes of dago thim group

Orientation date: 07th Jan 2018, 10:00 am
Start and End dates: 08 - 27 Jan 2018
Safari dates: 04 - 06 Jan 2018
Theme: Youth Development
No. of Volunteers:10 - 20

Project Profile

Cranes of Dago Thim Self Help Group was established to make an impact on the growing problems vulnerable children, widows and orphans face regarding their right to sustainable development. The group is dedicated to the promotion and protection of children’s rights and to the support of the vulnerable, widows and orphans. The group organizes routine trainings on farming for the widows and youths, promotes human values through advocacy and community out-reach programs e.g. jiggers eradication and treatment, education and financial support to the less fortunate members of society, in order to realize the full potential and capabilities of the community.

The group has a small farm within the member’s homestead where they rear local poultry for meat and eggs, cattle for resale, meat and milk and a small area for planting cash crop i.e. bananas, vegetables, tomatoes and fodder. The farm products are sold to the locals and in the local markets and some are distributed to the individuals, supported by the group. The money made is used to support the group’s programs.

The group also supports people with disabilities and distributes sanitary towels to girls in public schools within the community.


Nyahera Location, Kisumu County

Workcamp Activities

  • Taking part in the teaching of various subjects (mathematics, language, writing, drawing, gardening, sewing, beadwork, computer skills and cleaning)
  • Organizing extra-curricular activities
  • Farm work-ploughing and planting
  • Provision of guiding and counseling services to the students
  • Farm work

Accomodation and Sites of Interest

Accommodation will be at the project in this workcamp and it is important that you have your own sleeping bag and mat. During the workcamp, volunteers will get food from locally available foodstuffs and the volunteers will share the responsibility of preparing the food. The volunteers can visit Kisumu city and have the opportunity to see Lake Victoria, Masai market, Kisumu Museum. The volunteers will also have the possibility to visit Kakamega rainforest, which is about one hour drive from Kisumu.