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 The new normal is here! But this doesn’t have to stop us to live our dream of self-discovery in new environments, learn and understand new and diverse cultures, interact, party, make new friends, travel abroad or even spearhead community development and solidarity through volunteering.

We would love to affirm to our friends, partners and volunteers that our 2021 STV and MLTV programs are now fully open and operational, with all COVID 19 protocols and measures observed, our programs are principally designed to comfortably suit what you desire to expect whilst not only your safety is guaranteed but also a unique and stunningly outrageous volunteering experience. Kindly visit our long term or short term pages on our website to select a project of your choice.

If you’re yearning to be the change and a good will ambassador for humanity, full in spirit to make the world a better place through volunteering, worry no more! CIVS is the place for you. We understand that the world is changing each dawn but we believe that no human’s dream is limited regardless of the challenges exposed in, but rather we should stay focused to embrace opportunities which enlighten us to impact lives, give hope to the hopeless and a long-lasting impression that things are getting better.

Take your time and let’s take a ride in our magnificent volunteering roller coaster designed to give you nothing but a worthwhile lifetime adventure. All you need is a brave heart full of love, priceless energy, time and skills to share with the world and an outstanding objective to leave a mark and touch a vulnerable heart in the community.

To volunteer with us or for inquiries about our programs. Contact us today!

Our 2020 Medium and Long-Term Projects are ready

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As we return to our normal working, we wish to inform our partners, friends, and volunteers that our short and long term projects are open. For more information please feel free to contact us and we will be glad to respond. We wish you all well as you plan for your trip to Kenya.

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You can click on the long term or short term pages on our website to select a project of your preference according to the time and resource that is within your means.

We at CIVS Kenya have arranged all these activities keeping in mind the current pandemic situation as well as of the local people who may be in need of your contribution. We do this to ensure that you see the fruits of your input during and after your stay there.

We have also taken the time to incorporate some new project areas and highly encourage even those who have volunteered with us before to take some time to look through them in order to see what they can do differently or where they can go volunteer next time with CIVS, in case they would like to return.

Appreciating Role Of Women: International Women's Month

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It’s International Women’s Day today so Happy Women’s Day to all the strong women out there.

We hope you learnt from our last post on benefits of work camps. However today, we at CIVS Kenya recognize your importance and contribution to the world we live in.

Since it is International Women’s Month this March, we would like to appreciate the different roles you play. Roles that help make CIVS Kenya what it is.

womens day

Here are some of the roles of women that we appreciate:

Your role as leaders

Every long-term, short-term and work camp project needs a leader and we most definitely appreciate those women who have taken up this space. Thanks to you all these projects have had the much needed direction to make them successful.

Your role as caregivers

At every project there is need for someone to watch over everyone. Someone to welcome the hosts and give them that embrace that makes them feel at home away from home. That person who takes care of everyone who gets sick or one who has a problem. We have never lacked that thanks to the women who so willingly act as everyone’s mother figure.

Your role as teachers

We most certainly cannot forget that among those who have facilitated both formal learning and informal during and in our projects are women. Thanks to them, many have learnt life long lessons that will most certainly make them better people.

Your role as volunteers

It’s not easy for someone to take time away from their work and comfort zone and give their time and services to people for free. However, we often receive a large number of women volunteers every year. They are always willing to commit to serving the less fortunate in our society.

Your role in the workforce

A lot of women work in the facilitation of volunteer projects. Whether it’s in the school kitchens as cooks, in the health centres as nurses, in the overseas and local offices as volunteer managers, among many other places, their contribution is unmatched. Thanks to their work, rural and developing communities remain hopeful for a better future.

Your role as advisors and problem solvers

Whenever an issue arises at a project, you can always trust a woman to come up with a solution for it. Due to the fact that they are always so willing to listen, are usually very understanding and have that instinct that distinguishes what’s right and what’s wrong, they are able to maintain thepeace among every participant.

We could definitely go on and on but we’ll leave it there for now.

Here at CIVS Kenya, we welcome the contribution of women as volunteers or as hosts. In case you would like to participate in any of our projects, contact us and we will gladly take you through the entire process. We are committed to changing the lives of the communities around us every chance we get and could definitely use your help.

Always remember that you are very much needed and highly appreciated. Once again, Happy International Women’s Day!

Standard Best Practices To Observe Hygiene

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We are a voluntary service committed to community development. As such we understand that for any community to develop there needs to be the people. As such they need to observe hygeine to stay safe.

We are very much aware of the current state of affairs globally and we care  so we thought we'd share some simple information. It's a bit different from our normal blog posts, but it is important.

The world is battling the COVID-19 (coronavirus) and we thought it best to share five standard best practices to maintain hygeine around you. They are very simple but will certainly go a long way in keeping you protected.


Wash your hands thoroughly

Washing hands might seem like the easiest thing to do to observe hygiene. We’ve been told to keep our hands clean ever since we can remember. That message is even more important now. Hands are the most common way in which viruses spread. You need to clean hands thoroughly and at regular intervals. Wet your hands with some running water then apply enough soap. Scrub the back of your hands, your palms, in between your fingers and under your nails for at least twenty seconds. You should then rinse them thoroughly with sufficient running water. After that, dry your hands with a single use towel.

Use tissue paper when sneezing or coughing

The urge to sneeze is the most normal thing. Everyone sneezes at some point. It is also very normal to cough. While these two are common bodily functions, we are often advised to do so but mind the next person when you are at it. Now more than ever, that cannot be overlooked. You are advised to sneeze or cough into a clean toilet paper. After that, wrap it into another clean piece of tissue then dispose off in a dustbin. It is important that you dispose it correctly so that you also don’t expose cleaners to any risk while they do their job.

Use noncontact means of greeting

We are obviously very accustomed to shaking hands or hugging while saying hello. However, during this period, we are advised to minimize contact as much as possible. We are advised to instead use other forms of greeting for the same.

Disinfect surfaces, handrails and toilets

You often touch handrails and as such you need to keep them disinfected. You should also clean your toilets thoroughly. This will keep you safe from viruses. You should also clean utensils regularly.Whenever possible, get your work desk cleaned a few times within tghe day and any rooms you spend most of yuour time in.

Eat on trays

You should ensure you eat from trays whenever possible in order to avoid any spillage on floors. When you spill food from plates, cleaners have to pick it. This will subsequently lead to the spread of diseases.

Handle food carefully

As much as possible, avoid sharing food. Serve everyone on a different plate or tray and avoid tasting what someone else is having. You should also make sure you are clean in case you are handling food. Also make sure you wash your uncooked ingredients thoroughly. If you are unwell, do not handle food altogether as this also exposes other people to illnesses.

We at CIVS Kenya encourage you to stay clean and stay safe. 

Here Are Some Benefits Of Work Camps

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We would like to discuss the benefits of work camps after talking about the challenges of volunteering in Africa in our previous post. We at CIVS hope you benefited from that read but in case you have more questions, feel free to contact us for some guidance.

badilisha project

What are some benefits of work camps?

You get to immerse yourself in local cultures

Work camp programs often require volunteers staying in the project areas with the local communities. A benefit of work camps is therefore the fact that they allow one to be part of the local communities. As such, one is able to immerse themselves in the local cultures. You as a volunteer will be able to learn different aspects of life from the perspective of the host communities. You get to learn about their dressing, eating, their language, origin and way of life in general.

You learn new skills

Another undoubted benefit of work camps is that it allows volunteers to learn new skills. While the idea is to contribute your own knowledge to the community, you will also get to learn. A work camp allows you to gain from the host communities’ way of doing things as well. You could pick up different survival skills such as cooking, creating shelter, creative skills such as traditional dancing and singing or playing musical instruments, among others. These skills could be very helpful in the future.

A work camp helps one make new friends

As expected, when you sign up as a participant for a work camp you get to meet new people. People who have similar interests. You will have to work with one another and in the process build relationships. A benefit of work camps is that it allows you to develop your social skills. You will also be able to make friends with the local community members.

It enhances one’s self confidence

Whenever you are at a work camp, you will inevitably be required to take leadership at some point. With the many activities you will be participating in during your stay at the work camp, you will be required to be in charge of at least one if not a number of activities. As such you will be required to speak to more people and will need to be accountable. This allows you to sharpen your expressions.

It helps you learn teamwork

Another benefit of work camps related to making new friends is that it helps create a spirit of teamwork. A volunteer is able to learn the importance of being part of a team an working together towards the fulfillment of the goals of the community and project.

It looks great on your CV

Work camps will always look great on your cv. They are proof of a sense of responsibility and awareness. Employers love this. Thus proof of participation in work camps enables one to make a great impression while looking for a job. It therefore fosters career growth.

We hope this post has given you some insight as to what you would be gaining as a volunteer in a work camp. If after reading these benefits of work camps you still have questions, feel free to contact us at CIVS Kenya for more information.