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What will it take to end Gender based violence in Kenya?

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This is my voice. This is my time. This is my blog.

Gender-Based Violence is fundamentally violence against an individual/population based on gender identity/expression. It is a multiple form of violence that reflects the political-economical structures that perpetuate gender-based inequalities among citizens. Therefore, it is not necessarily the interpersonal men’s violence against women’s. Moving towards effective strategies for transformative change and gender justice lets us tackle the root of this epidemic. This implies that we make a call of action to re-think and act beyond current institutional strategies of addressing the epidemic.

First, mass involvement of citizens is a long term transformative solution because the remedy will come from the grass root of the problem. Encouraging and advising citizens to fight against the ideal approach. Non-physical forms of violence such as a false sense of freedom that is naturalized will be eliminated in the long run.

Eliminating structural violence, proper power and control are key solutions. This is because the fundamental problem is the classification of gender as a binary and hierarchal model. In Kenya, gender is constructed in asymmetrical power relations where the meaning of masculinity is associated with power, control and dominance. For instance, this is clearly seen in churches and ethnic-social classes where feminism is less powerful. In addition, building on previous and existing strategies of Anti-violence movements is a remedy. This may lead to a more effective moment where the movements focus on the provision of social support services and prevention programs that target Inter-personal gender-based violence. As a developing Country, non-capitalist modes of economic organization that are not driven by the profit motive and do not rely on a class system to operate are an ideal approach.

The problem requires questioning of the gender system itself. From a personal point of view, gender system should be abolished since inequalities already exist between genders. Gender division of labour and wage inequalities are a few examples of this. The context of gender violence needs to be examined in order to avoid psychological and biological deterministic explanations that naturalise violence. The government should take part in this through the Commissioner of Human Rights and if possible through the creation of a Ministry of Human Welfare. This will act as a central power point to legislate laws for more proper handling and governance of humanity thus creating a remedy.

Last but not least, creating awareness through academic settings like education would aid in not only eliminating but also preventing such violence in future. Early childhood education in schools and through guidance and counselling may aid in creating awareness of the negative impact and create gender justice. In conclusion, gender-based violence is a political, economic-structural problem that remains shrouded in a culture of silence. Therefore, it is a condition that can be terminated as long as national cohesiveness exists.


Hilda Muthoni

International Volunteer Day - My Volunteer Story

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Volunteering is much more than a life experience, it is a philosophy. Being a volunteer is about tackling development injustices, participating in cross-cultural encounters, and contributing to a common future.

-Mirana Rakotobe

My name is Mirana from France and today I decided to volunteer at CIVS Kenya.

How did this get started?

Many of us have been impacted by the global pandemic that began in 2019. All countries both developed and developing, populated and unpopulated, great and small have been socio-economically affected. Many have seen hardships mount and inequalities grow. The urge to act was immediate and necessary, but how? The possibilities are numerous and infinite; to join a local association, to make donations, to go on voluntary service. Whatever your choice, it will be important, but my choice to participate as a volunteer was very quick and obvious. I wanted to contribute and support the development of a community where inequalities were already present and have greatly increased especially as a result of the Covid 19 pandemic. My research led me to CIVS Kenya.

Why did I choose to get involved with CIVS Kenya?

I agree there are many opportunities for volunteering, but equivalently, it is sometimes difficult to find your way around making the best choice. I first wanted to get involved with an organization that has been established for several years. CIVS Kenya was registered in 1997 as a non-profit community development agency with a mission to empower communities, organizations, and individuals to realize their full potential. To my concern, I already had a lot of experience in the field of volunteering. I was also able to find all the necessary information to understand their approach and projects on their website. The latter being constantly updated, helped me to project myself in real life. Their availability and their accompaniment before the departure were what made the difference and put me in a lot of confidence in them.

What is my experience in Kenya?

The culture shock is present but exciting. Discovering a new way of life, different cultures, and typical Kenyan customs is a very enriching experience. Kenya is colorful and lively with a special touch of a syndrome associated with the keyword 'pole pole' (slowly slowly) which brings a tasty mix of dynamism, calm, and softness. This cultural difference allows us to enrich and embrace each other’s cultural diversity. They connect me as much as I connect them. I am currently a volunteer at CIVS to support the head office in Nairobi. Although We encounter some other challenges such as the load shedding and the internet cuts which greatly affect the daily activities,  the work is always done in a good mood, alongside a very supportive team and of course around a good Kenyan tea.

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Is it difficult to volunteer? What does it take?

 Being a volunteer is more than just giving your time to a cause that touches you. Being a volunteer is also about discovering yourself. The end result will be different for each of us. It will depend, among other things, on our personality, the experiences we have already had, and the vision we have for our world. Facing reality, which can sometimes be harder than we imagined, is not always easy. It requires adaptation, understanding, and sometimes questioning. This encounter with the difference can be challenging at first, but with time it quickly gives way to the extreme pleasure of the exchange. Being a volunteer can be upsetting at the beginning, but it leads us to be enriched by the encounter with the other.

Message to all volunteers

Thank you for participating in a more equal, inclusive, and sustainable world. It is through the spirit of togetherness that we can make our dreams for making the world a better place a reality. We are building tomorrow's world hand in hand, I encourage us to never give up on it. The path is not always easy, it requires perseverance, and do not forget, each of our actions, no matter how small, has a positive impact.

Message to aspiring volunteers

This great family of volunteers is delighted to welcome you as we strive to accelerate growth in solidarity for humanity. As stated at the beginning, becoming a volunteer will be much more than an experience. You will contribute to the development of a better world, encounter a unique cultural experience and discover yourself. No matter what your skills are, desire and passion will be your best asset. The world of volunteering is waiting for you. Do not hesitate to join CIVS Kenya.

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Volunteers-Pillars of Humanity

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In the latter years, volunteering has emerged to be one of the most growing social sectors of influence to a multitude of people across the world. It has been embraced by both young and the old because it is not only one of the most fun things to engage in, but also a unique opportunity to learn and discover new things, places, diverse cultures, make new friends across the globe, and expand career or talent-based networks. Given the rightful volunteering mindset, motivation, expectations, and support resources towards it, volunteering can be extremely amazing. Beyond just working towards changing the world to be a better place, it focuses on promoting personal growth and wellbeing in terms of attitude, views, perspectives, and understanding to a more transformed, positive, and enlightened angle of life.

pillars of humanity

Volunteering equips one with the spirit of appreciating the simple and basic gifts that life offers and encourages one to be contented. It helps in shaping and developing people's character to be more responsible and taking action towards making a positive impact in today's world. It helps to create healthy choices for our universe and active engagement towards awareness on the need of cohesion among humans regardless of tribe, race, color, or religion by joining hands to work together for a more sustainable and safe world suitable for every form of life. It motivates us to be humane and spearhead the good work of humanity through advocacy and implementation across all corners of the world. Volunteering teaches us to be selfless by sharing our time, skills, ideas, energy and more so expressing our love to those who need it the most. It melts our hearts to compassionately resonate with the various issues that affect millions of people in daily lives such as poverty, hunger, poor health and sanitation, gender discrimination, and manipulation among others.

pillars of humanity

Volunteers are ambassadors of humanity, pillars of hope, solidarity, and community reformation. Would you like to take part in our volunteer program across Kenya? We have various projects that you surely would not want to be left out in. Kindly visit our STV and MLTV page to find more about our upcoming volunteer program lineup. Don't hesitate to send us an email with any inquiry.

pillars of humanity

pillars of humanity

Orange the World: End Violence Against Women Now!

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The 16 days of activism against Gender-based violence is an annual International Campaign that begins on 25th November to 10th December, Human Rights Day. Do you know why this event is special and commemorated worldwide?

To present, in some societies and traditions, it is still believed that Girls/Women neither do nor should they have the same position as men. This is due to the patriarchal dominating systems put in place to suppress their voice, exposure for personal discovery of identity, abilities, purpose, and the possible room for emotional, mental, and economic growth, more so understanding of their human rights. The society-led misinformation and practices force them to be subjected to men and slaves to the far gone society norms and practices. The situation is further accelerated by the stereotypes that women are naturally considered less superior or rather weak compared to men and the difference is based upon Patriarchal society-structured gender roles and responsibilities. Women have to fully focus on handling domestic affairs at home which includes; bearing and looking after children, meeting the conjugal demands of their husbands, and performing other basic house chores.

The barbaric male supremacy culture reflected by some of these societies has for centuries exposed our young and girls and women to become vulnerable, voiceless, and defenseless to diverse ranges and forms of violence which is a social threat to humanity. In most parts of sub-Saharan Africa including Kenya, many women and girls have reportedly been victimized some to a point of having severe mental effects, committing suicides, or even dying during the event of being violated and the rates are frightening.


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According to the United Nations Organization’s world statistics on Gender-Based Violence prevalence, at least one in every three women is likely to be abused in their lifetime and less than 40% ask for help. The abuse can be in sexual, physical, psycho-social, and emotional forms. Due to their presumed nature of being “weak, “ they are targets of manipulation and harassment at school, in marriage and family affairs, workplaces, government offices, religious spaces among others. Forms of violence through which they are subjected include domestic violence, Female genital mutilation, femicide, rape, forced or child marriage, cyberbullying, street harassment, assault, Harassment at workplaces, unfair court justice, etc. This situation has even worsened during the covid-19 pandemic, political conflicts, and climatic disasters. What action can we take?

The ultimate goal of the activism is to promote active gender equality in every sphere of our modern world and ensure the rights of girls and women are valued and respected as any other human right. We can participate in this through mass creation of awareness on the effect of Gender-based violence through media and public spaces, abolishing of barbaric traditions and practices, spearheading campaigns for legal framework reformation to promote equal justice, promoting gender inclusivity in decision-making platforms and every socio-economic sector, invest in safe spaces for mentoring, informing and educating girls and women on their rights, promote education for girls and women, reporting and bringing the perpetrators of gender violence to justice, Community accountability, the introduction of Sexual Reproductive Health and Rights/Gender-Based Violence education in schools and having open forums to engage both men and women, boys and girls and the entire community stakeholders on the issue towards finding a long-lasting solution.

Through our established gender-inclusive programs in leadership, agriculture, disability, ICT and work readiness, talent acquisition, entrepreneurship, and advocacy, CIVS is at the forefront to mentor and support Girls and women in our vulnerable communities to realize their full potential, have total awareness on their rights and stand with them in the fight against Gender-Based Violence. Volunteer with us today and help us create an inclusive world free from Gender-Based Violence.

Let’s go Volunteer

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 The new normal is here! But this doesn’t have to stop us to live our dream of self-discovery in new environments, learn and understand new and diverse cultures, interact, party, make new friends, travel abroad or even spearhead community development and solidarity through volunteering.

We would love to affirm to our friends, partners and volunteers that our 2021 STV and MLTV programs are now fully open and operational, with all COVID 19 protocols and measures observed, our programs are principally designed to comfortably suit what you desire to expect whilst not only your safety is guaranteed but also a unique and stunningly outrageous volunteering experience. Kindly visit our long term or short term pages on our website to select a project of your choice.

If you’re yearning to be the change and a good will ambassador for humanity, full in spirit to make the world a better place through volunteering, worry no more! CIVS is the place for you. We understand that the world is changing each dawn but we believe that no human’s dream is limited regardless of the challenges exposed in, but rather we should stay focused to embrace opportunities which enlighten us to impact lives, give hope to the hopeless and a long-lasting impression that things are getting better.

Take your time and let’s take a ride in our magnificent volunteering roller coaster designed to give you nothing but a worthwhile lifetime adventure. All you need is a brave heart full of love, priceless energy, time and skills to share with the world and an outstanding objective to leave a mark and touch a vulnerable heart in the community.

To volunteer with us or for inquiries about our programs. Contact us today!