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Values of Community Development in Africa and Their Importance

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Written by Sophie Atieno


Having understood what the community is and the purpose of community development in Africa, we are now going to discuss some values of community development in Africa in this piece.

Before delving into the individual values of community development in Africa, we begin by defining what a value is.

Values are principles of standards or behaviors by which people live.

Values can be either individual or collective.

  • Individual values

These are values related to the development of an individual’s personality and protection of the same. They include: honesty, loyalty, honor, etc.

  • Collective values

These are connected with collective norms. In this particular case, the African community judgement of what’s important.

Values of community development

African communities all have different values which they stand by but community development generally has the a number of values involved .

They include:


For community development to occur in Africa, it is important to value diversity of the African people, dignity and their abilities and understand that as different as they are, they all account for something that makes an impact.


Community development in Africa requires that everyone focuses less on their inequalities and promotes fairness and justice to all when it comes to decision-making and distribution of resources.


This value is almost similar to equality but emphasizes more on involving everyone who should be involved in development activities.It enables the community to avoid having people being less heard than others and encourages much needed meaningful participation.


It is an important value of community development in Africa because the entire development process is dependent on working together with different partners and most of all members of the community.



This involves the community’s receptiveness to new ideas which is important as it helps these communities grow and be stronger in their beliefs as well as more understanding towards other people’s beliefs.


Community development in Africa requires that all activities are undertaken with utmost honesty and transparency and that we should be accountable to every member about everything we do.


It is also a value of community development as it enables people to look forward to the future and feel confident in trying out new things and expect the best outcomes from doing them regardless of how long it takes to achieve them.

The values of community development are intertwined, and it is important to understand that for any kind of community development activity in Africa to be successful, the members, volunteers and partners need to work together to ensure that all of them are observed.

So why are these values important in community development in Africa?

  • They guide the beliefs and behaviours of community members on a day to day basis.
  • It helps us understand one another better which is important in.
  • They build up societies generally.

It is therefore important to keep all these in mind in case you are looking to volunteer overseas or travel to Africa to participate in community development as the success of any of the activities in the process depends on it.

Contact CIVS in case you would like to start the process and need to understand more before you leave.We will be discussing the types of community development activities CIVS has in store for you upon your arrival here in Africa, specifically in Kenya in our next post.

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