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Different Types of Volunteering Opportunities In Africa

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Written by Sophie Atieno

As mentioned in our last post on values and their importance in volunteering here in Africa, today we would like to talk about the types of volunteer opportunities that you could engage in.

Arguably, volunteering comes with a lot of fulfillment but the process has to be thought of properly and after knowing where to go and why you should volunteer here in Africa,it is important to understand how the activities are divided.

Before going into the actual volunteer activities list, it is important to know that there are majorly two types of volunteer opportunities /programs that you could engage in.

  • Long-term volunteer activities
  • Short term volunteer activities.

With regards to the types of volunteering opportunities that you can engage in, The Centre for International Voluntary Service offers you three options on the kind of activities you can engage in based on the amount of time you have to spare in doing Africa volunteer work.

CIVS allows you to engage in long-term, short-term as well as the WeltWarts program.

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So what does the long-term volunteering option entail?

This involves joining the projects for a period of between 1-12 months.These entail Africa volunteer work that also involves informal international learning among other numerous benefits.

This type of volunteering opportunity is more individual rather than group work and involves the volunteer immersing themselves in the local culture so that they are able to make the maximum impact to the community.

What does the short-term volunteer opportunity involve?

Short term volunteering is mostly for people who would like to participate in volunteering activities but either do not have much time to stay around or people who might not have enough resources for a long term stay.

At CIVS, it involves a 2-3 week stay and the program involves group involvement. The group consists of 8-20 volunteers ready to immerse themselves into Africa volunteer work.

These are amazing ways for one to travel with a purpose.

What about the Weltwaerts program?

This is a special one operated by the Centre for International voluntary service involving the German government, which enables young people travelling for volunteer work for them to learn a set of new skills while giving them the opportunity to help people in need.

It mostly helps young volunteers who go for this type of volunteering opportunity to attain the famous Millenium development goals that include:

  • Poverty reduction
  • Environmental conservation
  • Promotion of universal education
  • Creating HIV /AIDS awareness.

We will be delving deeper into these individual types of volunteering opportunities offered by CIVS for those who would like to participate in Africa volunteer work in subsequent posts.In all the three, we will also give examples of the different types of volunteer activities under all of them .

Meanwhile, it is worth acknowledging that all of these types of volunteer opportunities provide an opportunity to learn while making a difference in a whole community.A volunteer gets to touch the lives of people and they are all about togetherness.

This togetherness is attained by spending time together and learning from one another, which is genuinely a mind opening process.

It is also worth knowing that Africa volunteer work is very involving and before you make that step of travelling all the way, we at CIVS advise that you get as much knowledge as possible.

Contact CIVS today for more information about the types of volunteering opportunities available for you when you come to Africa, most especially Kenya.

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