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Long-Term volunteering in Africa with CIVS Kenya

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Written by Sophie Atieno


Among the different types of volunteering opportunities in Africa from our last post, we mentioned long-term volunteering opportunities. In today’s post, we talk about long-term volunteering in Africa and the programs CIVS Kenya has for you with regards to that.

So, what is long-term volunteering?

Like we mentioned, long-term volunteering is volunteering that involves a volunteer joining projects that run between 1-12 months.

It is more of an individual based kind of volunteering than it is group work.


What does long-term volunteering in Africa involve?

It entails immersing oneself in the local African cultures in order for the volunteer to make a maximum impact in the community in which they are in.

What long term volunteering opportunities does the Centre for International Voluntary Service (CIVS) have for volunteers?

CIVS offers the opportunity to participate in long-term volunteering in Africa for a period of between 1-12 months.

The CIVS programs allow volunteers to learn in a non-formal way in order for the volunteer to develop sensitivity and a deeper understanding of social and cultural differences, improve their ability to solve problems as well as build their self confidence in the process.

long term voluntary work

Upon arrival of a volunteer who has chosen to participate in long-term volunteering in Africa, CIVS gives an orientation before the project to give them an idea of what they are immersing themselves in.

The orientation is important for anyone who has opted in long-term volunteering opportunities here because it helps them:

  • Familiarize with the project’s aim
  • Know more about the people who will be hosting them and
  • Learn in a small way about the culture of they people they will be staying with.

CIVS allows you to select from among 25 long term projects that will be of benefit to you.

Some of the benefits of participating in long-term volunteering opportunities in Africa include:

  • It opens your mind to the needs of the locals, thus allowing you to understand them better.
  • Learning the local language of the people.
  • It gives the volunteers to implement their ideas for the well-being of the community.
  • It also allows you to travel and see the country and enjoy sites and scenery.
  • Long-term volunteering in Africa allows you to generally immerse yourself in the local culture for you to learn a new way of life.

All programs of CIVS are in cooperation with local partners to ensure that the volunteer’s stay is as fruitful as possible and that they get more than they expected from long-term volunteering opportunity they took.

You can choose from a number of them listed on our website

They are all in different places and you can choose which one best suits you.

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