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The Role Of Women In Community Development

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Written by Sophie Atieno

Well, after talking about how corporates can participate in volunteering without having to set aside too much time, today we will touch on the role of women in community development.

Women play a big role in the sustainability of any community. Unfortunately, for so many years their importance has been overlooked. However, that has been changing due to the empowerment of women in the community as part of the community development process. Nowadays, more and more people are starting to appreciate that while they are often tasked with just household roles, they can do a lot more.

So here are some roles of women in community development.

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They are educators

Education is very important to every community as it ensures the younger people have equal opportunities to develop themselves. It also ensures that they stay away from social vices that are as a result of ignorance and poverty. The role of women in community development as educators cannot be doubted. They give the members of the community the much needed basic education starting at home when they teach young children as the mothers have more time with younger children, to education in schools where they are teachers.

Education is the key to any nation’s growth but before a nation grows, development starts from the communities that make up this nation. Their role leads to agricultural productivity improvement, it helps in raising the status of the girl child, reduction of rapid population growth, environmental protection, among others.

Their role in the workforce

In today’s society, more and more women are contributing to the family’s earnings. Women work in both formal and informal environments in order to earn daily bread for their families. This participation of women can transform a whole community. They do face a lot of challenges because they are often seen as the weaker gender, but they have in many ways proven that they can handle such challenges and prove the ones who lack faith in them wrong. In today’s communities, women are entrepreneurs so they give jobs to others other than just being employed in both the formal and informal sectors. Their role in community development has therefore expanded to a great extent in recent times.

Their role as role models and caretakers

Another role of women in community development is that of caretakers and role models. They are undoubtedly caretakers to young children and often take the lead in helping the family adapt to different changing circumstances. Because of the fact that they are tasked with caretaking of both children and even the elderly, they play a big role in serving as role models of these children. Every single thing they do is seen by these little ones in the community.

They also have the teenagers and younger ladies looking up to them and watching their behavior. It is for this reason that they often do their best to set a good example for the children, younger women and sometimes even young men in the community. When the younger people in the community have people they can look up to, the community will always remain hopeful for a better future.

Their role as leaders

In the past, leadership positions were simply set aside for the men. Thankfully, that has in recent years changed and now women play a role in community development serving in leadership positions. Due to a woman’s attachment to the family setting, they are able to apply what they see in the home to the areas in which they serve as leaders. They are more sensitive to the people they govern or head and pay more attention to them. Because of this, they are able to help people more and bring about the much needed development in a community.

Their role as volunteers

Due to their sensitive nature to the plight of others and their ability to empathize as opposed to just sympathizing, women play a role in community development by serving as volunteers. They often set aside some of their time to give a helping hand to the less fortunate in different ways. They volunteer in schools, orphanages, churches, farms, among other places which leads to community development.

Their role as activists

Women also play a big role in fighting for the rights of the members of the community. Although in the past they were viewed as weak, women have come a long way in proving their strength in different ways and on different platforms. Their participation on the forefront when it comes to fighting for equality in terms of pay and opportunities leads to community development.

We hope you have learnt a bit more on the role of the women in community development. The women you see around you play a big part in your community’s development and you as a person should recognize and appreciate them for that.

In case of any more questions regarding community development, contact us at CIVS Kenya and we will gladly help you out.