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How To Choose The Right Volunteering Organization

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Written by Sophie Atieno

We hope you learnt something from our last post on the benefits of community development to children . Today we talk about another very important topic. Whenever you find yourself thinking about volunteering abroad, it is inevitable to think of the right volunteering organization. You’ll probably wonder about how to choose the right volunteer organization.

So, when you are thinking of the right volunteer organization to choose it is important to consider the following factors:

Values of community development


When thinking of a volunteer organization, consider the amount of time you have that will be set aside for purposes of volunteering. We all inevitably have time restrictions and well, different volunteer organizations have different programmes for which they allocate different amounts of time. They could be either long-term or short-term. It is therefore very important that you are realistic with your time especially because you will be in a foreign country. In case you want to explore the country, it is worth considering how long you can allocate to tourism in such a way that it will not affect your volunteering and the right organization will be able to arrange this for you.


When you are thinking of how to choose the right volunteering organization to go with, consider the location. Different people have different preferences in terms of location. In the same way, different volunteer organizations usually have different projects spread across different regions of a given country. It is therefore worth checking the different locations where each organization operates, consider the terrain, weather, type of people there before you make a decision on which one to go with.


While thinking on how to choose the right volunteering organization, consider the skills you have that you would like to share with the community then look at the type of projects the organization has. If you are a teacher or good with languages, you might want to consider a volunteer organization that has schools as part of their projects. If perhaps you are a doctor or a nurse, you might want to consider a volunteer organization that works with health centres, dispensaries and the likes. There is usually diversity and it is definitely worth being clear about your objectives so that you get the right opportunity.

Look more into the organization

Every volunteer organization is different. Some are non-profit while others are governmental. Some are big and have existed for years while others are still in their developmental stages. Some are global and might have structures that are a bit complex, others are national while others are just simple grass root organizations. They all have different structures and will usually offer different levels of support for their volunteers.


It is also very important for you to be very realistic when it comes to your budget.Different volunteering organizations will usually charge differently for their different projects and programs. It is therefore very important to look carefully at how much you have especially if you will be going to a different country. The last thing you need is to get there and suddenly get stranded or go there and realize you cannot participate in your dream project.

We hope you have found this information useful in case you would like to volunteer abroad.

The Centre for International Voluntary Service is a volunteer organization offering both long-term and short-term volunteer projects. We have different projects across Kenya that are different in variety.

In case you would like to volunteer with us, contact us today and we will gladly assist you.