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Here Are Six Types/ Categories Of Volunteering

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Written by Sophie Atieno

We hope our last post on how to find the right volunteering organization was helpful to you. We have spoken about the different places in which you can volunteer and different types of existing volunteering opportunitiesand well, today we are asking, do you know the different types of volunteering?

Volunteering can be divided into certain categories? Whether it’s planting trees, teaching and the many examples that exist, they fall into the five categories that we will be highlighting today.

So here are six types/ categories of volunteering

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Formal Volunteering

These are the kinds of volunteering programs that are run through a carefully structured and supervised way. Often times, they are long term and usually require great commitment and regular attendance from the volunteers. They usually involve trainers, supervisors and even managers. These people are necessary in the recruiting, training and supervision, then also check the outcomes of the volunteering period. These kinds of volunteering programs involve a lot of policies and procedures.

Non-formal Volunteering

This type of volunteering usually does not too many structures. It is most common in unstructured settings or those that do not receive any kind of funding. It is very common among local communities. Non-formal volunteering is usually looked at more as an act of kindness where the main goal is just to be of some kind of help to the local people. Most people who participate in this just see themselves as friends, family or members of the community.

Volunteering In Governance

This type of volunteering entails provision of either leadership or direction to a given organization by volunteers. The volunteers are often tasked with the role of planning as well as decision-making throughout the organizations in question. In most cases, those who go for this type of volunteering usually pick organizations in which they have experience in the type of job done or those in which they have some type of advocacy in relation to the organization’s focus.

Social Action Volunteering

This is the type of volunteering that involves the coming together of volunteers united by a common goal or some kind of advocacy. The volunteers often see each other as comrades. Some could have a set structure while others do not. It also does not involve regular hours of volunteering. However, it involves a lot of passion and zeal attached to the specific cause. The volunteers often work hard towards achievement of a specific social good or change.

Project Based Volunteering

This type of volunteering involves time frames. The volunteers participate in different volunteering projects that have different time frames. For a volunteer to take part in a given project, they need a certain set of skills so as to achieve the goals that will usually be very clearly defined. It in most cases involves presence of coordinators, who instead of working as the managers, work with the volunteers instead.

Gap Year Volunteering

This is a type of volunteering that is usually targeted towards the youth, mostly students with a desire to experience what it’s like to work for or with a non-profit. In most cases, they join volunteering programs abroad. They work within a given time frame in which they live with the people and even immerse themselves in the communities’ local cultures.

We at CIVS Kenya hope you have gained some insight as to the types of volunteering that exist. With that, you can make a sound choice.

For more information, contact us at the Centre For International Voluntary Service and we will gladly assist you.

Have a great week ahead.