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Here Are Some Benefits Of Work Camps

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Written by Sophie Atieno

We would like to discuss the benefits of work camps after talking about the challenges of volunteering in Africa in our previous post. We at CIVS hope you benefited from that read but in case you have more questions, feel free to contact us for some guidance.

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What are some benefits of work camps?

You get to immerse yourself in local cultures

Work camp programs often require volunteers staying in the project areas with the local communities. A benefit of work camps is therefore the fact that they allow one to be part of the local communities. As such, one is able to immerse themselves in the local cultures. You as a volunteer will be able to learn different aspects of life from the perspective of the host communities. You get to learn about their dressing, eating, their language, origin and way of life in general.

You learn new skills

Another undoubted benefit of work camps is that it allows volunteers to learn new skills. While the idea is to contribute your own knowledge to the community, you will also get to learn. A work camp allows you to gain from the host communities’ way of doing things as well. You could pick up different survival skills such as cooking, creating shelter, creative skills such as traditional dancing and singing or playing musical instruments, among others. These skills could be very helpful in the future.

A work camp helps one make new friends

As expected, when you sign up as a participant for a work camp you get to meet new people. People who have similar interests. You will have to work with one another and in the process build relationships. A benefit of work camps is that it allows you to develop your social skills. You will also be able to make friends with the local community members.

It enhances one’s self confidence

Whenever you are at a work camp, you will inevitably be required to take leadership at some point. With the many activities you will be participating in during your stay at the work camp, you will be required to be in charge of at least one if not a number of activities. As such you will be required to speak to more people and will need to be accountable. This allows you to sharpen your expressions.

It helps you learn teamwork

Another benefit of work camps related to making new friends is that it helps create a spirit of teamwork. A volunteer is able to learn the importance of being part of a team an working together towards the fulfillment of the goals of the community and project.

It looks great on your CV

Work camps will always look great on your cv. They are proof of a sense of responsibility and awareness. Employers love this. Thus proof of participation in work camps enables one to make a great impression while looking for a job. It therefore fosters career growth.

We hope this post has given you some insight as to what you would be gaining as a volunteer in a work camp. If after reading these benefits of work camps you still have questions, feel free to contact us at CIVS Kenya for more information.