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Appreciating Role Of Women: International Women's Month

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Written by Sophie Atieno

It’s International Women’s Day today so Happy Women’s Day to all the strong women out there.

We hope you learnt from our last post on benefits of work camps. However today, we at CIVS Kenya recognize your importance and contribution to the world we live in.

Since it is International Women’s Month this March, we would like to appreciate the different roles you play. Roles that help make CIVS Kenya what it is.

womens day

Here are some of the roles of women that we appreciate:

Your role as leaders

Every long-term, short-term and work camp project needs a leader and we most definitely appreciate those women who have taken up this space. Thanks to you all these projects have had the much needed direction to make them successful.

Your role as caregivers

At every project there is need for someone to watch over everyone. Someone to welcome the hosts and give them that embrace that makes them feel at home away from home. That person who takes care of everyone who gets sick or one who has a problem. We have never lacked that thanks to the women who so willingly act as everyone’s mother figure.

Your role as teachers

We most certainly cannot forget that among those who have facilitated both formal learning and informal during and in our projects are women. Thanks to them, many have learnt life long lessons that will most certainly make them better people.

Your role as volunteers

It’s not easy for someone to take time away from their work and comfort zone and give their time and services to people for free. However, we often receive a large number of women volunteers every year. They are always willing to commit to serving the less fortunate in our society.

Your role in the workforce

A lot of women work in the facilitation of volunteer projects. Whether it’s in the school kitchens as cooks, in the health centres as nurses, in the overseas and local offices as volunteer managers, among many other places, their contribution is unmatched. Thanks to their work, rural and developing communities remain hopeful for a better future.

Your role as advisors and problem solvers

Whenever an issue arises at a project, you can always trust a woman to come up with a solution for it. Due to the fact that they are always so willing to listen, are usually very understanding and have that instinct that distinguishes what’s right and what’s wrong, they are able to maintain thepeace among every participant.

We could definitely go on and on but we’ll leave it there for now.

Here at CIVS Kenya, we welcome the contribution of women as volunteers or as hosts. In case you would like to participate in any of our projects, contact us and we will gladly take you through the entire process. We are committed to changing the lives of the communities around us every chance we get and could definitely use your help.

Always remember that you are very much needed and highly appreciated. Once again, Happy International Women’s Day!