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Table of Content

  1. Do I need a visa to enter Kenya?   
  2. Do I need vaccinations?   
  3. Do I need special skills to volunteer?   
  4. Can I come together with a friend?   
  5. How long can I participate in one of the CIVS projects?   
  6. What do I have to bring with me?   
  7. Will CIVS pick me up from the airport?   
  8. Where will I stay?   
  9. What shall I do with all my important documents?   
  10. How can I get money in Kenya?   
  11. Is Kenya safe for me?

1.     Do I need a visa to enter Kenya?

Yes, you need a visa to enter Kenya. Please apply for a tourist visa in a Kenyan embassy. You can also obtain a visa at Jomo Kenyatta International Airport on your arrival. The VISA cost for a three-month tourist visa is 40 Euros or 50  USD. Your visa can be extended once at the Immigration Office in Nairobi after 3 months.  You may use the address of the CIVS Office when filling in your visa application.

2.     Do I need vaccinations?

Yes, most likely you need vaccinations. Depending on your country of residence, you are required to take some vaccinations before you can enter Kenyan. You should contact your preferred medical practice to be consulted on all medical issues. Please prepare on time, as some vaccinations need several injections.

3.     Do I need special skills to volunteer?

No, you don’t need special skills to volunteer. However,  CIVS has some requirements to be fulfilled by its volunteers: 

  • Age: above 18 years from (If you are below 18  years you need written consent from a guardian) 
  • A positive attitude towards independent progress  of others 
  • A willingness to adapt to local conditions 
  • A desire to interact and understand other  people’s culture and philosophy of life 
  • Be open-minded and willing to freely exchange  ideas, information, and experiences without imposing your own values on others

These simple ideas will make your time in Kenya a great success for you, your project and the community.

4.     Can I come together with a friend?

Yes, you can come with your friends. Usually, we try not to place too many people from the same country in one project. If you want to be placed together with a friend, please indicate it clearly be in the applications for both of you.

5.     How long can I participate in one of the CIVS projects?

CIVS offers projects of different durations. Our monthly  Workcamps last for 3 weeks. Medium and Long Term projects last from two months up to one year. Many volunteers also choose to participate in a Workcamp first,  before starting a Medium or Long Term Placement.

6.     What do I have to bring with me? 

Necessary goods       

  • Mosquito net     
  • Mosquito repellant     
  • Torch/flashlight/headlight     
  • Toiletries (including toilet paper)     
  • First-aid kits     
  • Sleeping bag  

Better to have   

  • Sandals     
  • Hat     
  • Camera     
  • Sun cream  

For interaction with people        

  • Pictures of your country     
  • Food from your country     
  • Cultural materials (e.g. flag)     
  • Toys for kids     
  • Any other items you may deem necessary

All things can be purchased before your departure from Nairobi. Don’t worry about yourself and bring huge bags! Light travel is always the best way to travel.

7.     Will CIVS pick me up from the airport?

Yes, CIVS will pick you up from the airport.  Before you start your journey to Kenya, please confirm with us, that we have received your correct flight details. The costs for two airport means of transport (1x Pick up after arrival & 1x Drop off before departure) are included in the fees.
  Any additional airport transport costs need to be refunded to CIVS.


8.     Where will I stay?

CIVS will arrange accommodation for your volunteer duration with us. There are the following  possibilities:
    During  the orientation 

  • Buruburu, Nairobi  – either in a host family or in the CIVS Hostel.

While  volunteering in your project 

  • Directly in the project 
  • Host family 
  • CIVS Hostel

(Depending on the place and type of  your project)
    The  last day (evaluation day) 

  • Buruburu, Nairobi  – either in a host family or in the CIVS Hostel.

CIVS will inform you about the exact accommodation during your orientation.
  Any accommodation costs before or after your project term will be met by yourself.


9.     What shall I do with all my important documents?

Make copies! Important documents (passport, data page, and visa documents, credit cards, travel insurance policy, air/bus/train tickets, driving license, etc.) should be photocopied before you leave home.  Leave one copy with someone at home and keep another with you, separate from the originals. We strongly advise you to leave a copy of your passport and your visa at the CIVS office.

10.     How can I get money in Kenya?

There are ATMs in every big town in Kenya. You do not need to carry traveler cheques or lots of cash. You should acquire in advance from your bank about the conditions and possibilities of withdrawing money with your bank card.  Having a  master/visa card is in every case advisable.

11.     Is Kenya safe for me?

Yes, Kenya is a very secure country.  CIVS will provide you with the Dos and Don’ts during your orientation. If you use some common sense, you are OK in Nairobi and anywhere else in the country. CIVS works closely with government departments and different embassies. Our past volunteers can bear witness with us: You will feel as safe and at home.

If you have any further questions, please email us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.